Couple fucks in the park

Porn Traveling - Couple fucks in the park
PornTraveling: Hi, it’s Polina again. While Ilya was shopping, I spent some time with Eric and Rita. Rita and me were lying in the bed, caressing each other, and Eric was watching us. Don’t know about you, but I found it very exciting. So I got a very interesting idea, and the guys helped me to carry it out. The thing is, I’ve never masturbated in front of anyone before, and I decided it was my chance to try it. So I asked Eric to describe how he makes love to Rita, and I masturbated. God, what an orgasm I had! Then Ilya came back, and I felt like having sex on the beach again. Only this time we managed to find a really quiet place, so that we could do anything at all, without fear of being caught. No, of course there was a chance that someone might see us, but to tell you the truth, we didn’t really care.

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Porn Traveling - Chick is fucked in ass
PornTraveling: Polina’s here with you again :) Today I had a talk with Rita, who tried anal sex with Eric the other night. She got me so intrigued, I was desperate to try it too! She liked it a lot, so I was sure I’d like it too. I told Ilya about my desire, and he was eager to do it too. We couldn’t wait any longer, so we found a quiet place in the beautiful park to make our fantasies come true. We started with oral sex, then finally tried anal. I asked Ilya to be gentle with me, as it was my first time. Well, at first it hurt a bit, but it was a sweet pain, and I got really turned on. He fucked me harder, and I loved it more and more. I even regret it that we hadn’t tried anal sex earlier. Anyway, better late than never :) Now I’ll be looking forward to doing it again. And again :)

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Porn Traveling - Two chicks fucking in a bath
PornTraveling: Hello there, I’m Polina. I bet you already know me :) Today I decided that it was my turn to tell you about our gorgeous vacation. At first we went to the beach to swim and sunbathe, and to check out a famous local bar. Though it wan’t very easy to find, we liked that place very much. Jamaican flags, reggae music, tasty cocktails… Awesome! Then I cooked a tasty dinner for everybody. After eating Ilya and Eric started playing football on their computer. Well, Rita and me decided that we could do something better than wait for them to finish playing. So we went to take a shower together, and when I saw Rita’s naked beautiful body, I got turned on. We started washing each other, and I realised Rita was aroused too. Even though we love our boys, we couldn’t resist making love.

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Porn Traveling - They fuck before sleep
PornTraveling: They said this beach was most popular among youth, so girls put on best swimming suits they had, and we headed there. Guess what we found? Almost empty seashore, only few American tourists and us! Too bad, but we still managed to take advantage of the situation! Girls took off bikini bras, and we started playing volleyball topless. Losing girl had to experience her first dp. I’m glad that we won, cause it’s different with Polina, the girl can fuck whoever she wants, and Ilya has no right to be mad :) So my little winner and I ran to huge rocks, to shelter behind them. There Rita got on her knees in front of me and gave me the best blow job ever. She took my cock in her mouth as deep as possible and started moving back and forth… Oh Lord..

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Porn Traveling - Hot threesome on a bed
PornTraveling: No idea if anyone saw her stroking the whole length of my dick or not, but that was one thrilling affair! Little cock teaser, you can’t help but love that girl!.. Then we finally got to the club, and one crazy night full of alcohol and sex started.Happy, we returned to our hotel. In the dead of night. We all know it never ends with simply passing out on the floor. I could feel a certain smell in the air.. It smelled like kinky sex :) Don’t know whose idea it was, probably Katya’s, cause she’d wanted to avenge herself since she found out I cheated on her. Anyway, she and Sarah tied me up, shut my mouth with a gag and… oh god! Are you sure you wanna listen to my hideous chattering? Better watch this, guys!

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Porn Traveling - Chick likes it hard
PornTraveling: She said she didn’t feel like shopping and decided to stay… But I’m sure she stayed in the hotel on purpose, to have some alone time with three excited boys. That girl is wild in bed! Working three cocks at a time, how cool is that?!That sex experience was great, I’m not going to lie. Slim sexy chick riding meaty cocks and smiling for the camera.. That’s exactly what I was expecting from our vacation! Yeah, cheating is fun… But I still love my babe and I feel really bad when something like that happens. Even Daisy felt sorry for not telling his girlfriend about it, though I don’t think she’d get that mad. Anyway, we had to make up for cheating somehow.. So when our girls returned from shopping, they got what they deserved – strongest orgasms ever!

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Porn Traveling - She likes to suck cocks
PornTraveling: So we continue investigating bottomless world of sex! When all the girls gathered in hotel room, we decided to have some fun without men :) All-girl party, that doesn’t only sound but actually is pretty exciting!Sex toys can’t replace a fat cock on regular basis, but you can use those when you want to try some lesbian action with your girlfriends! Green dildo went from one pussy to another, entering girls holes deep and working on them real good :) Still, dildos make you miss real dicks pretty soon, so after a while we all returned to our men for a portion of hard skillful fucking! As you must have figured, we prepared most kinky stuff for dessert! Wanna see an insane anal fuck session with hot blonde and meaty black cock? You got it! Press play and enjoy :)

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Porn Traveling - They fucked under a shower
PornTraveling: Bangkok is a great city, but we wanted something more exotic, so we went to Samui island. This place is truly a paradise! Beautiful beaches with golden sand and huge rocks, blue ocean, wonderful nature, palm trees and exotic birds… And hot tanned girls in bikinis. What can be better? After spending some time on a beach, we needed to wash the salt off our bodies. While we were taking a shower together, Polina started blowing me. God, how I love surprises! This girl certainly knows how to please a man. Well, you won’t be surprised to learn that we ended up having sex in the shower, will you? There’s nothing better than a tasty dinner after having sex, and we were lucky, because Eric and Rita prepared a delicious meal for all of us. Isn’t it great to travel with friends? :)

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Porn Traveling - Hot orgy videos
PornTraveling: We continued it back in the hotel. The girl enjoyed making out with me so she invited me to take part in her and her man’s sex games. I love being a… guest sex-mate, that’s how I call it. I’m sure you’ll find the video that we made extremely entertaining.And later that night I was asked out on a date by Katya’s friend Max. I had a thing for him from the start, but didn’t tell anyone, that was my little secret :) Poor guy was so nervous during our date, he really tried to be funny and entertaining, I had to reward him for his efforts! And he turned out to be a good fuck! Didn’t expect that, I love pleasant surprises! He banged me hard in all possible positions and made me come twice! I agreed to go on a second date with him, the guy deserved his chance!